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A short History of the Chapter

THE PERIOD 1925 - 1949


With no less than 6 Candidates proposed for exaltation at the Consecration Ceremony the Chapter took off with a busy period ahead. A feature was the many dispensations acquired for altering the dates of meetings. The original By   laws called for meetings on the 1 st Wednesday of December, February, May and October. The companions of this period must have suffered some confusion when alterations of dates occurred so frequently.


However wartime brought a more drastic change. The occupation of Victoria House by Allied troops meant that Jephson Chapter had to move to Warwick into what is recorded as The Shakespeare Rooms, and this was our home from 1939 to 1948. Greville Chapter who also met, and still meet, at Warwick helped tremendously by offering us the use of the necessary Convocation furniture and fittings. Returning to Willes Road we were established there as a full member of the Masonic Orders regularly meeting in these very fine premises.

In February 1938 Bro. A Parsons was exalted into the Chapter and in December 1949 he became M E Z, and subsequently served many years as our Treasurer. He was the father of E. Comp. R A Parsons who was M E Z in 1979 and again in 2000. Sadly E. Companion Parsons has now passed away and is very much missed.

THE PERIOD 1950 - 1974

Our second period opened with the news of promotion to Supreme Grand Chapter of E. Comp. K March in December 1950. It was proposed and seconded and unanimously agreed 'that to mark the honour recently conferred on E. Comp. Kenneth March P.A.G.D.C. by his promotion to Grand Chapter rank, the Chapter to defray the nett cost of changing his 'Regalia'. E. Comp. K March was a very active member of the Chapter.

In 1962 Comp. J J Browne passed to the Grand Chapter above and bequeathed to the Chapter a property at No. 36 Portland Street, Leamington Spa. which was divided into flats and produced useful income from rents. Discussions took place with respect to the disbursement of the charity, as and when necessary, remembering it was primarily for the benefit of Jephson Chapter. It was finally decided by Chapter members to vest the property in the name of The Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association Ltd and operate it as a separate fund known as   or named  The John J Browne Jephson Chapter Fund. At that time no perceivable claims were likely from members of the Chapter in the immediate future and any subsequent claims ensuing would be dealt with by the Association via the special named fund. No further reference is made to this fund in subsequent minutes. Reference is made to this Fund or Trust on page 159 of the Millennium Book 1999-2000 Province of Warwickshire.

In February 1967 the exaltee was Bro. P H E Bailey, in October 1967 the exaltee was Bro. R A Parsons and in February 1974 the exaltee was Bro. T H Johnson and these three acted as our Principals for the 75th Anniversary Year in 2000.

Bro. G Makin was exalted as a serving Companion in October 1973 and was appointed and invested as Janitor in December of that year a position he filled with distinction until his death in 2002.

THE PERIOD 1975 - 2000


And so we come to the Golden Jubilee. This was celebrated on 9th December 1975 at the Installation Meeting in the presence of 43 members and visitors. The minutes of the 1st Convocation on 12th December 1925 were read and the words Golden Jubilee added to the Summons and Table Card.

In October 2000 the Chapter celebrated the 75th year when the Chapter was visited by the Grand Superintendent E. Comp. R V Wallis JP and the three Principals chairs were occupied by E. Comp. R A Parsons MEZ, E. Comp. P E Bailey,H, E. Comp T H Johnson J.  On this occasion Grand Chapter Certificates were presented by The Grand Superintendent to Comp. M.E.Davy and Comp P J Garratt.

We now look to the future confident that the happy, friendly atmosphere of the Chapter will be maintained.

E. Comp. John Starley, a member of the Chapter is currently Provincial Scribe Ezra, and E. Companion Roy Clews is Provincial Standard bearer.