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How can I become a member?


You must first be a Master Mason and have served in that capacity for four weeks and upwards.  You may then apply to join a Royal Arch Chapter.


Why should I become a member?


The Royal Arch is described as the foundation of Freemasonry and is considered the completion of a Master Mason, filling in some of the gaps left in the journey to that position.  It is also the key to admission into many other orders which might interest you at some stage in your Masonic life.


What is it about?

It is the natural progression in ancient freemasonry which comprises both the Craft and The Royal Arch.

The craft teaches us to improve the relationship with those with whom we come into contact and to practice the principals of brotherly love, relief and truth in our daily lives.

The Royal Arch builds on this platform, providing a thought provoking and interesting ceremony based on the rebuilding of the Temple at Jerusalem.  The story is told in a dramatic way to reinforce the message of humility and dependence on a greater being.


What about Progression?


Until recently only masons who had passed through a craft chair were able to move into the principals chairs in Royal Arch. Now  the positions are open to all Royal Arch masons who can demonstrate the ability to hold those offices and who have served as a Scribe or a Sojourner.



Companion Not Brother?


When Master Masons join the Royal Arch they are referred to as Companions until they occupy one of the three ‘chairs’ when they become Excellent Companions.  We usually abreviate these to Comp. and Ex. Comp., terms you will see in the body of text in the history of the Chapter.


The term Companion is a particularly apt description of a member of the Royal Arch, who has a duty to support and encourage his Companions and attain a high standard of conduct in his personal life.



How often do you meet?


Our Chapter meets three times a year (see Calendar) in April, October and December.


Other things I should know?


You will need some Royal Arch Regalia which differs from that in the craft.  Where the craft is predominately blue, the Royal Arch is Red and iridescent.  As in Craft Freemasonry, the regalia changes when a companion takes one of the chairs.


Regalia should not be a problem as there is almost always a supply of  second hand regalia in very good condition which becomes available when a companion takes a chair or receives provincial rank.



Would you like to know more?


Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about Royal Arch Masonry in this or any other chapter.